Introduction of the Conference 

Dear Distinguished Professors, Researchers and Students:

Urban design is a process which leads to physical formation of urban and rural areas. Urban design creates multiple places with the approach of structuralism. This process includes design of the buildings, the spaces and landscapes witch finally leads to urban development. Executing the restrictions in urban spaces, extra charges for controlling social impacts of projects, existence of different organs, public sector limitations for granting guarantee of foreign investment and competitor governmental services cause many problems in urban development. It should be mentioned that there are many scientific and professional solution for recognizing and solving the challenges of these projects which is analyzable and disputable at the proper time. The necessity of attention to these applied elements can be considered as bases of the national gross product for export to regional and global countries. Urban design is considered as an important part of citizens’ identity of a city. It means that how they thought, what facilities they had and what experts presented their genius to build this city. Thinking about urban development patterns requires developing the city which includes one aspect of development process and forms on the basis of variables relevant to city life. Sustainable urban design is the result of developmental process which provides subjectivity, possibility of continual promotion of social health, ecologic economy of the city and the region and this subjectivity and possibility leads to objectivity and action. For realizing urban sustainable development, it is necessary to provide opportunities for civil and architectural issues. It is obvious that urban development will occur when scientific and practical infrastructures exist. In this regard, organizing the  4th.national Conference on Civil Engineering, Architecture and Urban Design shall be considered as an opportunity for interchanging information, presenting new findings and bringing together experts, philosophers, academics, politicians, managers, interested and concerned organization, consulting engineers and interested peoples on civil, architecture, urbanization and environment. In this conference, it is possible to interchange and connect with universities and professional institutes of Asian Countries, Iran and the world about common concepts of Architecture, Structure, Urban Management, Emerging Technologies, the effect of Structure in formation of Architecture and other related subjects with the topics of the conference.

Therefore, the secretariat of the 4th.national Conference on Civil Engineering, Architecture and Urban Design is pleasant to invite all specialists, experts, students, researchers and scholars of industrial, scientific and research centers to participate in different programs of the conference and present their latest practical and scientific achievements.   


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