The Aims of the 3rd Conference 

The Aims of the 3rd. Conference:

  1. General Aims of the Conference:    

The aim of the 4th. Conference on Civil Engineering, Architecture and Urban Design is promoting the quality of Architecture, Structure and urban development by introducing scientific and practical potential and also studying the needs and necessities of the education of the abovementioned facts and then analyzing, training and researching by recognition of attitudes, new experiences and development practical and theoretical dimensions analysis.

Holding consultation, discussion meeting upon the attendance of consulting engineers and providing scientific experiences related to urban development

Founding and continuing international discourses in concepts, theories and opinions related to conference axes

Grounding in promoting all effective and active organs and persons in using new technologies in urban system management

Establishing proper opportunity for exchanging information and providing new research achievements among scientists, researchers, industrialists, university students and involved ones in civil, architecture and urban development

Promoting knowledge level of engineering society and public in issues related to civil, structure, architecture and urban sustainable development

Familiarizing and introducing successful patterns of urban development in world and country and studying them in different viewpoints

Establishing creative interaction and understanding among urban directors and academics in architecture, structure and urban sustainable development

Developing and propagating culture of research in conference subjects

Establishing more connection among scientific and executive organs in realizing conference axes


  1. Detailed Aims of the Conference:

Studying challenges in specialized areas of civil, architecture, urban development and environment

Studying barriers and approaches of sustainable development in cities

Studying thoughts and new technologies in conferences axes

Studying problems of urban construction especially in architectural dimension

Promoting private sector in using new technologies in urban construction affairs

Studying available and current models in accommodation management and urban development

Studying specification of structure and architecture and coordinates of metropolises focusing on force majeure

Studying and providing approaches of effective interaction of civil and architecture especially in urban development dimension

Studying energy and water issues and providing proper solution in urban development and sustainable architecture

Studying role of urban management in empowering, optimization and providing proper models in city development

Recognizing and identifying indices of local architecture identity in metropolises

Familiarizing of students with subjects related to civil, architecture and urban development

Introducing new technologies via holding side fairs

Introducing effective new technologies in civil, architecture and urban development

Familiarizing with new concepts in structure, urban design and planning

Establishing proper ground for transferring knowledge and new technologies to country

Studying reactions of different sectors of comprehensive urban management system on other sectors

For knowledge on conference axes and subjects, refer to conference axes menu.




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