Question: What Is A Bronchophony?

What is positive Bronchophony?


This term represents a test to perform on the patient which may indicate that there is consolidation of the lung.

Consolidation refers to increased density of the lung tissue, due to it being filled with fluid and/or blood or mucus..

When the patient says 99 the sound is clear and loud?

The term used to describe the voice sounds heard over consolidated lung is bronchophony (also called vocal resonance). It can be determined through the stethoscope when the patient says “99”, usually just audible but becoming louder when the lung is consolidated.

What is a positive whispered Pectoriloquy?

Positive: the examiner can clearly identify the words the patient is saying. This indicates an area of lung consolidation. Negative: muffled/undistinguishable words noted indicating normal lung tissue.

What causes whispered Pectoriloquy?

Whispered pectoriloquy is a clinical test typically performed during a medical physical examination to evaluate for the presence of lung consolidation, causes of which include cancer (solid mass) and pneumonia (fluid mass).

What are normal heart sounds?

In healthy adults, there are two normal heart sounds, often described as a lub and a dub that occur in sequence with each heartbeat. These are the first heart sound (S1) and second heart sound (S2), produced by the closing of the atrioventricular valves and semilunar valves, respectively.

What does Rhonchi sound like?

Rhonchi are rattling, continuous and low-pitched breath sounds that are often hear to be like snoring. Rhonchi are also called low-pitched wheezes. They are often caused by secretions in larger airways or obstructions.

What is normal Fremitus?

A normal evaluation occurs when equal and moderate vibrations are noticed during speech. Fremitus is abnormal when it is increased or decreased. Because sound is transmitted more strongly through non–air-filled lung, increased fremitus suggests a loss or decrease in ventilation in the underlying lung.

How do you document a Bronchophony?

Bronchophony is present if sounds can be heard clearly. Egophony: While listening to the chest with a stethoscope, ask the patient to say the vowel “e”. Over normal lung tissues, the same “e” (as in “beet”) will be heard. If the lung tissue is consolidated, the “e” sound will change to a nasal “a” (as in “say”).

Is Bronchophony supposed to be positive or negative?

-To document: negative for bronchophony. -Ask the patient to whisper “one-two-three” while listening to the chest, comparing sounds. Should be faint and muffled.

What is Bronchophony negative?

Results. Positive: Egophony is heard indicating some consolidation of lung tissue. Negative: No egophony is heard indicating normal lung tissue is present.

What is Fremitus?

Vocal fremitus is a vibration transmitted through the body. It refers to the assessment of the lungs by either the vibration intensity felt on the chest wall (tactile fremitus) and/or heard by a stethoscope on the chest wall with certain spoken words (vocal resonance).

What does stridor sound like?

It is typically low-pitched and most closely sounds like nasal congestion you might experience with a cold, or like the sound made with snoring. Stridor is a higher-pitched noisy that occurs with obstruction in or just below the voice box.