Quick Answer: What Drugs Are Used In Rapid Sequence Intubation?

What drug is given before intubation?

Common sedative agents used during rapid sequence intubation include etomidate, ketamine, and propofol.

Commonly used neuromuscular blocking agents are succinylcholine and rocuronium..

Why is atropine given before intubation?

Like fentanyl, it can be given before induction agents to facilitate endotracheal intubation. Atropine occasionally is used as a premedication. Its anticholinergic effects reduce ACH-mediated bradycardia that can accompany endotracheal intubation.

What is the purpose of rapid sequence intubation?

Rapid sequence induction and intubation (RSII) for anesthesia is a technique designed to minimize the chance of pulmonary aspiration in patients who are at higher than normal risk.

What drugs are used for RSI?

Ketamine 1.5-2 mg/kg IBW.Etomidate 0.3-0.4 mg/kg TBW.Fentanyl 2-10 mcg/kg TBW.Midazolam 0.1-0.3 mg/kg TBW.Propofol 1-2.5 mg/kg IBW + (0.4 x TBW) (others simply use 1.5 mg/kg x TBW as the general guide)Thiopental 3-5 mg/kg TBW.

Who needs rapid sequence intubation?

Patients who require intubation have at least one of the following five indications: Inability to maintain airway patency. Inability to protect the airway against aspiration. Failure to ventilate.

What is the difference between rapid sequence intubation and regular intubation?

One important difference between RSI and routine tracheal intubation is that the practitioner does not typically manually assist the ventilation of the lungs after the onset of general anesthesia and cessation of breathing, until the trachea has been intubated and the cuff has been inflated.